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cre8magic – Magic Values, Classes and More

Almost all design work is done using very few changes to the HTML. The only thing we usually must do, is:

  1. set some id properties
  2. set some class properties - often based on the context (so the pane may need pane-is-empty)
  3. set some values - such as data-bs-toggle

cre8magic makes this happen using these parts:

  1. The theme.json which has all the configurations
  2. The Magic Settings which will parse the json and provide the parts we need
  3. Various Desiger helpers which will do some magic and add context
  4. The Magic Tokens which will replace things such as [Page.Id] if it was used in class strings
  5. Simple helper methods such as Classes(name), Value(name) or Id(name) on all the Magic Razor base classes like the MagicMenu, MagicBreadcrumbs or MagicContainer

How to Use

Basically all your controls must usually do is write HTML along these lines:

@inherits MagicContainer
<!-- some code parts skipped for brevity -->
<div id='@Id("container")' class='@Classes("container")'>
    <div class="container">

…and of course make sure the values for the above mentioned container exist in the theme.json.

Everything else just works magically.

Razor API

All the Magic* Razor controls have the following methods to make like easier:

  1. Classes(name)
  2. Value(name)
  3. Id(name)

A few have some extra methods, such as these:

  1. The MagicTheme also has a PaneClasses(name) to also add something to change styling if the pane is empty


  1. All created in v0.0.1 2022-10