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cre8magic – Magic Tokens

Most settings will be parsed through a tokens-engine which will convert all kinds of tokens such as [Page.Id] into their respective value.

Note that each context is different. For example, when parsing settings at the page level, [Page...] tokens will work, but [Module...] tokens will not work.

Note: The list of tokens is still work in progress

Purpose of cre8magic Tokens

The purpose of these tokens is for use in configurable values - such as classes on HTML tags.

They are currently not going to give you all possible values, for eg. there is no [Module.Title] token since there is no good reason to use this in such scenarios.

If you need those values in your HTML (eg. to create special hover-labels) you would just do that in Razor code.

Site Tokens

Site tokens work everythere. As of now we have these site tokens:

Theme Tokens

Assets tokens work everywhere. As of now we have these assets tokens:

Page Tokens

Page tokens work everywhere. They are especially useful in creating menus. As of now we have these page tokens:

Module Tokens

Module Tokens work on Containers only. As of now we have these module tokens:

Module Type Information

Layout Tokens


Menu Tokens work on Menus only. As of now we have these menu tokens:

How it Works

As of v0.1 2022-Q3 it’s still a simple search-and-replace. We plan to use a more powerfull RegEx in the near future.