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cre8magic – Magic Languages

The languages need three things to work as expected:

  1. They need to know if they should show
  2. They need to know what languages to show and what labels to use
  3. They need to be styled

cre8magic makes this happen using these parts:

  1. The theme.json which has all the configurations
    1. The themes section determines if the menu should show using parts.languages
    2. The themes section also has a languagesMin which would hide the languages if there are less than X languages (usually it needs at least 2)
    3. The languages section has configurations for what languages to show and what labels to use
    4. The themeDesigns section determines how it should look - ATM there is only one key languages-li since the rest has sufficient automatic class names to cover all known styling cases
  2. The Magic Settings which will parse the json and provide the parts we need
  3. The base Razor MagicLanguages prepares everything so you can inherit from it and create the output as needed

How to Use

Best check the reference implementation on 2shine Template Theme


  1. All created in v0.0.1 2022-10