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cre8magic – Magic Context

The Magic Context adds a bunch of classes to the <body> or a wrapper <div> tag which contain information about the current state.

This allows you to then write CSS rules, which change the look / feel of the page based on certain aspects.


The wrapper <div> could look like this:

<div id="cre8magic-root" class="page-35 page-root-29 page-parent-33 site-1 nav-level-3 theme-mainnav-variation-right theme-variation-centered">
  <!-- the contents of the page-->

This tells you a bunch of things such as:

  1. This is page #35 - allows you to do things like special colors for exactly this page
  2. The page is in the tree of the root #29 - so you could use special colors for all the pages in this branch
  3. The pages parent is #33 - again letting you write custom CSS
  4. We are on site #1 - in case you have different styles based on the site number
  5. We are currently on the nav-level 3 - this could affect your breadcrumb or something
  6. We are in a specific layout type and navigation type

How this Works

Basically all this happens automatically, if your json configuration has magicContext of something like this:

  "magicContext": [

You can of course add your own rules with other placeholders to make this happen.


  1. You can determine if this will be added to a <div> or the <body> using the setting magicContextInBody
    • If it’s on the body, it will be put there using JavaScript, so there may be a minimal flash-of-unexpected-styling
    • if you put it in the div, it will always be there
  2. You can also change the id of the <div> tag if you want to change how your CSS behaves. The id can be set on the magicContextTagId

Missing Features

As of 2022-10 there are no magic context classes for languages yet, as Oqtane doesn’t fully support Multi-Language. We’ll add it as soon as possible.


  1. Added in v0.0.1 2022-10